Description: Remove all the cards in the pyramid. Mike’s Cards is also another personal favorite, 24/7 solitaire not only because the program is fun but because I happen to know the designer, Mike Sedore. Only the 6th pile should receive a face-up card. Some people prefer a compass styled ring to a box setting because it makes the diamond appear more round.

Each time you deal more cards, it will at least initially block a significant number of moves if any were available. As the game commence, all the cards are dealt face up so a player can analyze his moves even before making them. Select pairs of cards that total 13 by using the mouse (for example: 7 and 6, 3 and 10, 2 and Jack, Queen and Ace).

You can move the turned-up cards around (leaving the face-down cards in place), and whenever you move all the face-up cards from one pile of the tableau, you turn over the new top card. Another bug I have found is that sometimes you have to tap on games twice before new games are started, again this only sometimes happens but when it does you tap the new game option once and nothing happens and you must tap again for it to work.

To win the game, you must move all the cards, by suit, into the foundation, starting with the Aces. Put the next card in the deck face-up over the second face-down card. Microsoft Solitaire Collection is a collection of card games available in Windows 10. Solitaire has been part of Windows for more than 25 years.

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